Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update on the Fairies' Tea

The fairy door is creaking open and the wee folk are emerging
to scatter a little fairy dust. They have asked me to share a peek at
some of the enchanting gifts you will find at the Fairies' Tea.

They've assured me this is just a sampling and there will be more!

So, as I promised them, I've put together a list
of some wonderful items that you will be eligible to win, 
and all you have to do is join the party!

from Diane of The Expressive Palette

from Hettienne of Her Grace by Devata

from Kim of IMGirl

from Lou Anne of Misplaced Mermaid

from Maggie of The Fanciful Magpie

from Shel of Pics by Shel 

four decorative boxes from Nancy of Nancy's Arts, Crafts & Favorites

So what do you do for a chance to win one of these lovely items?
Click over to the Fairies' Tea page on this blog.
Read all about the magical tea the fairies are working on as we speak.

Create a party blog post on the 23rd of September,
and between now and then spread the word
to friends, both fairy and human.

Easy Peasy, right? The fairies are so anxious for you all to attend,
they just might help you along with these little tasks, one never knows :)
(If you notice how effortless it seems to be, 
they may be spreading some fairy dust in your path!)

Add yourself to the Mr. Linky section at the end of the Tea post!
The giveaway winners will be drawn from this list. 

The Fairy’s Child

Every fairy’s child may keep

Two strong ponies and ten sheep;

All have houses, each his own,

built of brick or granite stone;

They live on cherries, they run wild ~

I'd love to be a fairy’s child.

~ Robert Graves


Don't forget this week's art challenge is right below this post!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Doorways and Windows IA Challenge

When you pass an interesting looking doorway or window, don't you wonder what might be behind it?  Could it be a secret garden?

Or perhaps an artist is creating imaginative works behind that orange door?

Just maybe someone is having a cuppa?

or doing some gardening?

perhaps studying:

are the occupants living a life that is hard to envision?

Is someone worshiping behind this door?

And through this window and beyond, perhaps there is a gourmet cooking school being taught:

...maybe an eccentric old man cares for this cat, or could it be a small girl who loves it very much?

Now it is YOUR turn to share a picture of a doorway or window and tell us what you think it happening behind that structure.

(Thanks to pinterest for most of the photos of doorways and windows above.)

Link up below with your doorway or window so we can all join in the fun.  (Be sure to add your post URL, not your blog URL.)

Monday, August 20, 2012

If you could be anywhere... I.A. Challenge

When things seem a bit hum-drum
or the cares of the day are pressing in,
then it's time to do a little 
wishful wandering!

If you could go anywhere, do anything,
where would you go?
what would you do??
what would you see?

Diane Rank
see the shore at sunrise?


go dancing in Venice?

Kelsey Garrity Riley
spend the day with your friends?

Wood Pigeon

a relaxing day reading?

Bitty Baby

maybe you wish you could be a mermaid?!

Danny Phillips Art

or spend the day riding a bike?

Tile Me A Story

spend uninterrupted time with your children or reliving their babyhood?

The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy


Florencia Del Giudice

or  just plain sleep!!

So our challenge for this week is to show
where your little getaway escape would be
if you could be anywhere!

Share your creation with everyone using the Mr Linky tool
Pleasant travels!!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello everyone!  It's Lou Anne again, the misplaced mermaid.  
I'm so excited to share our challenge for this week.  
It's full of magic, whimsy, and wishes come true!
This week, it's all about Fairies.  

 There are many types of fairies and some are quite common.  Pixies, for example, come to us in human form.  They're quite small, only about six inches tall, with delicate wings so they can fly about.  You might remember Tinkerbell, Peter Pan's friend.  Pixies sip nectar from flowers and they love to laugh.

Brownies are their more petite cousins.  These good-natured little beings are only four and a half inches tall.  They usually wear brown clothing and are very intelligent.  Brownies are nocturnal but they haven't any wings.

Trooping fairies are about the same size as pixies but they are also wingless.  They live near the forest and travel together in long processions.

Elves, fauns, gnomes, hobgoblins, and leprechauns are also considered fairy folk.  You can learn about the more common fairies at the link below.

 In the early 1900's, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
wrote about two young girls who had captured proof of fairies on film.  The Cottingley Fairies were extremely popular in their time. The story was retold in a film entitled, "Fairy Tale:  A True Story" in 1997.

 I have one more little secret.  There is a type of fairy that I consider extra-special.  Can you guess which ones I'm referring to?  Of course, it's Mermaids.  Well, to be politically correct, I suppose I should call them "Merpeople."

All of your friends here at Inspiration Avenue hope you'll join in on the fun this week.  
Frolic with the fairie folk and share your work below using Mr. Linky.
We can't wait to see what you create!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Changes, inspiration and blog party!!

Hello everyone!

As promised, Inspiration Avenue Team is finding new inspiration and promises to bring you bright new challenges, blog hops, give-aways and a very exciting Blog Party with loads of fun.


Some news ......

First up, we will no longer have a Red Carpet Winner for the weekly challenges. None of the team members enjoyed picking a winner as we felt that art cannot be compared. Each piece of art was made from the heart and how does one judge and rate such beauty? We will keep the Red Carpet Gallery and would like you to keep on displaying your Red Carpet Winner Badges. Soon we will draw the velvet curtains on the gallery and you will be invited to the grand opening.


and some more changes .........
We now have the Mr Linky widget and an image of the weekly entries automatically appear when you participate in the challenge, so we have decided to no longer run the gallery.

We hope you get the news and visit each other from the link up - do not wait for the gallery roll!


Please come back tomorrow for a new challenge .... and the next day for another exciting announcement .... and the next day to hear about the mysterious blog party and the next day ........

Our blog party will be announced later this week.  We have picked a gorgeous theme and we hope that you will participate and invite all your blogging friends and followers as well.  There will be giveaways, prizes and freebies!!! 

So please be sure to come back soon and see what we have for you!

Happy Creating

The Inspiration Avenue Team

(All these wonderful graphics are from the Graphics Fairy blogspot - thank you!!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meet and Greet for Alison Lane

There are exciting changes ahead 
at Inspiration Avenue, starting with the addition 
to our team of some talented new artists . . .

Say Hello to Alison!

I'm very happy to introduce to you our newest member, Alison Lane
Alison is an assemblage artist with a wonderful talent for 
upcycling vintage treasures like photos, jewelry, 
buttons, feathers, beads, and yes, she admits it . . . sometimes what 
others would call junk . . . into stunning works of art. 

She puts them all together with her magical touch to create 
one-of-a-kind assemblage pieces. She says, 

“I feel the need to rescue items that 
nobody wants anymore and create 
something new from that.”
She's made everything from beautiful pendants and brooches 
to unique handbags and even amazing lampshades! 

I know many of you who create with 
found objects will relate to her observation, 

“I can't look at an object without thinking, 
 hmmm . . . what could I put on that!” 

Take a hop over to Alison's Etsy shop, Thirty Six Creek

to see some of her fresh and creative pieces. 

(The talent and desire to create runs in the family ~ 
her daughter has an Etsy shop too!) 
Alison also has pieces in a community shop that gives a portion 
of the proceeds to charity, located in her home city of Denver, Colorado.

You can see more of Alison's work on her website, where she states: 

“In my mind there is no limit to what 
you can re-use and make beautiful again. 
My mission is to raise my children with 
the concept that everything has a use, 
and if it doesn’t . . . create one!”

Join us in giving a big welcome to Alison! 
We're very proud and pleased to have her 
as a member of Inspiration Avenue! 
I hope she will enjoy being a part of the team, as well as 
be inspired by meeting our talented friends 
who take part in our weekly challenges!

Welcome, Alison!
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