Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly Challenge: Once Upon a Time....


And they lived happily ever after.....

This week, the challenge is to fill in the blanks.   A good fairy tale usually has a host of mythical characters (fairies, goblins, elves, princesses) doing some supernatural, mystical deeds in fantastical, imaginary lands.

Explore your imagination. What traditions, fables and folklore get your creative juices flowing? 

All art forms welcome.  For the rules see the "How To" section in the sidebar.  I'll come collecting next Sunday morning and bring the goodies back here.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 22 Challenge, Ingenuity Results!

November 22 Challenge, Ingenuity

Thank you all so much for participating in my challenge! I thought it was a "Challenging Challenge" and you all did such a great job.

And so, with further adieux, here, for your pleasure, are the entries! ( In particular order)








Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Challenge! November 22: INGENUITY!

♬♬ You pull this lever down,

and the music goes round and round,

wo oh oh oh oh and it comes out here!♬♬

Have you built a better mousetrap?


Inventive skill or imagination; cleverness.

imaginative and clever design or construction: a narrative plot of great ingenuity.

An ingenious or imaginative contrivance

We are artists. We make things. We are smart and see the world differently then those who do not have the need to create.

We are ingenious! inventive! clever! imaginative!

Show us how your mind works! Share your ingenuity!

Weekly Challenge Results - "Incognito"

Choosing themes for our weekly challenges is always such a fascinating experience. While many of us labor with selecting a fitting word or theme, worthy of the artists who participate in our challenges each week, in the end we often find ourselves deeply touched by the experiences we encounter through hosting and the beauty we take away with us. I can at least confess, this is the case for me.

While some postings contain an artistic image and perhaps a short verse, other submissions possess additional elements that lay beyond their visual beauty and reside in the back stories, behind their creation. These stories are often enchanting and moving, they reach deeply and touch our souls. So please... do take the time to visit these artists and their submissions, read about the creative process behind their work and the beauty & mystery of this week's challenge that touches all our lives.

Here are this week's submissions...

Altered Book Lover

The Magpie's Nest

Bay Side to Mountain Side


Eva's ~ To Be Determined

Scrap Panda


Dragonfly Design Studio

The Wright Stuff

The Whimsey Asylum

Peggy's Mixed-up Art!

A Little Color Everyday

The Quotidian Journal

Gemma's Daybook

Arctic Blonde Creations

Pics by Shel

Judy Goddard
Whatever... Comes to My Mind

BeckLee Cottage Designs

Priti Studio

All of our non team member entries will be elegible for a chance to win this month's giveaway prize, this gorgeous painting, created by the ever talented Maggie of Magpie Mine. Be sure to stop back again tomorrow to find out what our latest weekly challenge theme is and as always...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Incognito

Time once again for another fabulous IA Weekly Challenge and this week our theme will be Incognito. This word summons a slew of artistic impressions and the definition alone is intriguing ~ why what word functions as an adjective, adverb AND a noun ~ wow!

[in-kog-nee-toh, in-kog-ni-toh] adjective, adverb, noun

1. having one's identity concealed, as under an assumed name, esp. to avoid notice or formal attentions.

2. with the real identity concealed: to travel incognito.

3. a person who is incognito.
4. the state of being incognito.
5. the disguise or character assumed by an incognito.

So have fun, be expressive, and let us see what you dream up with the word Incognito! Remember, all entries must be new works of art ~ created by you, and posted on your own blog by 12noon on Sunday, November 21st EST. Be sure to leave a comment on this posting so we can find your creation and include it in our follow-up posting.

And a special reminder... those participating in this month's challenges are automatically entered for a chance to win this gorgeous original painting by our very own Maggie of Magpie Mine. Good luck everyone and...

Photo details:
Ray Caesar's Incognito
Alice Thompson's Incognito
nina pak fine art photography
frog kitten - WCA

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly Challenge Results - "Community"

Well, I found out first-hand that "Community" is a
lovely concept, but tricky to translate into art!
As usual, you all did not disappoint,
and we have some AMAZING entries
for this challenge!

Please click and visit each blog
to read the stories behind the art!
This week especially, each piece
has its own story to tell,
not just visually, but in words.

Without anymore ado, here are
this week's wonderful submissions:

Check back for next week's challenge!
Thanks for joining us!
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