Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly Challenge - "Finders Keepers"

Ooh - my turn to set the challenge theme this week, I'm all excited! The theme is one I've had in my head for a while, it's ...
"Finders Keepers"
Basically, this challenge is to create something using, or inspired by, something that you have found.

Photo by Larry He's So Fine
So I want you to keep your eyes open this week as you go about your day, have a good look round, scour the ground, and search for the inspiration that's all around you just waiting to be discovered!

Photo by Amarand Agasi

Perhaps you'll discover beauty in an item that someone has tossed away, thinking it wasn't worth keeping. Perhaps you'll come back from a walk in the park laden with found treasures - acorns, pine cones or leaves! Perhaps you'll find a discarded note on the street and imagine a story behind it!
Photo by Dev Null

NB - "Finding" something on the shelf of a craft store is cheating, and will be dealt with most severely! ;)

Anyone can join in - to enter the challenge you just need to come up with something creative inspired by this week's theme! Then post your entry on your blog, and add a link in the comments to this post.

All challenge entries will be posted here on Sunday at 12 noon EST. Or thereabouts!

We also have a monthly giveaway open to anyone who participates in one of our challenges - watch this space for more details!

Happy hunting and see you back here on Sunday! x

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Challenge Results - "The Power of Words"

I was so excited to see everyone's entries for this week challenge "The Power of Words". And I was absolutely blown away by everyone's take on this theme!

I hope you've all enjoyed that :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Challenge Week - "The Power of Words"

Hey hey! yup it's crunch time!

I have been thinking for quite a few days now, what challenge to come up with this week. Last night I broke out in cold sweat becos my brains gave up on me! I was actually thinking to go on my knees and beg Lisa W to sneak in a challenge for me this morning since she's the master with words!

Then it dawned upon me ... !

And I did have a challenge to present to you guys after all! So here's inspired by Lisa W...

"the Power of Words"

image taken from

To enter, just come up with a work of art in any form, any medium according to this week's theme! And if you wish, tell us what inspired those words, or how those words came about. It can be one word ... or a whole bunch of them :)
Your WOrdS, Your ARt, Your TaKE :)

All entries should be posted on your blog and linked back here. Also don't forget to leave a comment on this post and link it to your piece. The challenge ends this Sunday 29th August at 12 noon EST.

Our very own sweet Tammy has kindly sponsored a fabulous giveaway for a lucky winner this August!

Have FUn!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly Challenge Results - "Coffee or Tea"

Our Coffee and Tea Party
Oh what an inspiring coffee and tea party we had this week!
It definitely rivals that other one I attended
last week for sheer imagination and fun!
(Don't tell that crazy Hatter who hosted the party ~
I'm somewhat leery of what his reaction might be!)

Without further ado, allow me to present
the contributions of our honored attendees:

to be determined (4 entries)

IM Girl (5 entries)

Don't forget you can visit each artist's blog to
read about the creative process of each entry.

And there's still one more week to enter
the challenge to be eligible to win the
August Giveaway, which is an enchanting
"Bloom" banner created by Tammy!

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