Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekly Challenge - "How Does Your Garden Grow?

Are you ready for this week's challenge? Here you go:

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

Yes, this week's challenge is all about your interpretation of how your garden grows.

It might be a photograph.

Or a lovely painting.

It might be jewelry or poetry ... a knitted creations or a hand-sewn masterpiece. It could be pottery or metal work ... glass or brass. It's whatever you'd like it to be ... whatever your imagination conjures.

So tell us ... how does your garden grow?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Challenge Results - "I've Got the Blues"

Hello all, here are the entries that we've recieved at this point for "I've Got the Blues" - I love all the diversity of the entries! I'm posting a little bit early since I'm going to be out until this evening- I wanted everyone to see the beautiful works that have been entered so far! I'll come back and add any updates tonight. Sorry for the delay!

Gina of "From the Corner of my Eye"

Peggy of "Peggy's Mixed Up Art"

Sandy from Stempelchaotin

Danit from "Dishvish"

Robin Norgren of "Wells of Creation"

Jeanette of H2O Creations

Lisa of "The Wright Stuff"

Lisa from "Priti Studio"

Stephanie of "Dragonfly Design Studios"

Chris of "Silver Blue Pearl"

Don't foget to come back tomorrow to see our new challenge!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Meet and Greet ~ Hattie Dunstan

Please join me in welcoming our newest team member,  
Hattie Dunstan!
Hattie is a talented jewellery designer from Ontario, Canada who is passionate about fashion. Her Etsy shop is all about her stunning handmade jewelry that will complement your fashion style, whether you are an edgy contemporary gal or more the classic, vintage, or romantic type.

You may say "jewellery" if you are like our English and Canadian friends, 
or "jewelry"  if you're plain old American, but for the sake of my fingers 
which can't type the extra letters without getting hopelessly tangled, 
I'll be calling it "jewelry" for now! My apologies!

Either way, Hattie's pieces are one-of-a-kind gorgeous,
and you must check them out! At the moment,
her favorite piece is one called
'Not that Kind of Gal', a pendant necklace made with a vintage brooch.
Very classic and eye-catching!
Hattie is constantly thinking fashion, and one of her favorite eras is the 1950s, with its return to femininity ~ all flowing skirts and tiny waists. I can see why this is one of her favorite vintage photos...
Lately Hattie has been busy contributing to a fashion show to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. Here are her own words:
"I'm currently working away on the Cystic Fibrosis Fashion Show Fundraiser for the end of August! It's a lot of work, but it is going to be a lot of fun. We booked a venue this week, and we've been putting together an amazing committee of girls who are all so keen to help out and raise some money to find a cure for CF."
I hope it's a great success! 
It's a heartbreaking disease, and kudos to you for your contributions, Hattie!!

An additional website where she sells her jewelry:

And of course, her Etsy shop:

To sum it up in Hattie's own words:
"Fashion is my Passion...I like quirky habits, the man behind the camera and digging through vintage teacups. I like cakes drizzled in liqueur, the roaring 1920 flappers, and the idea of magic." 
Welcome to Inspiration Avenue, Hattie! 
We're looking forward to getting to know you 
and hope you enjoy our team!  
Hmmm...I'm intrigued by that man behind the camera...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet and Greet - Pat McNally

I'm delighted to formally introduce you all to our newest member Pat McNally, alias Ooglebloops (is that not just the best name ever!!)

Pat is hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia (cue song!) and describes herself as "a country girl wannabe who got to be 2 years ago"! She is married with 2 children, Katie and Michael.

Pat is a very talented lady and creates original pieces in various media including altered art, quilting, totes, pin cushions, and polymer sculpted dolls. She loves to work with re-cycled items, and she has a particular fondness for old china.

Below is one of her own favorite pieces, "Yuli of the Forest".

I think Yuli is actually my favourite too, though the lovely "Elisabetta", with her gorgeous red hair, is a close second -
I'm sure you're wondering about the name! I'll let Pat explain -

"The name "ooglebloops" came from my uncle - he used to call me that when I was little - eons ago - he claimed that was the noise I would make, before I could talk!!! After going thru many metamorphoses in creating and thru as many names - this one came to me, and stuck! Thanks, Uncle Bob!!!"

Pat's etsy shop is Ooglebloop's Treasures - here you can find all her creative work and the occasional vintage piece.

She has two blogs -one that focuses on her arty side -Artfully Ooglebloops
and also Ooglebloop's World which focuses on her adventures in the country.

Pat has a Facebook page - and she is also on Twitter -

Pat - a huge welcome hug from all the team, we're all looking forward to getting to know more about you and your work!

Weekly Challenge- "I've got the blues"

image courtesy of  Chicago Blue's Bar
The theme for this week's challenge is "I've got the blues"
I wanted to use a topic that was open ended and offered many possibities for interpretation.  You could create a piece that's predominantly BLUE or you could go with a more traditional definition....  I found many in my search- here are two of them.....
blues: noun
1: a type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century; has a melancholy sound from repeated use of blue notes

2: a state of depression; "he had a bad case of the blues" [syn: blue devils, megrims, vapors, vapours]
So there's your theme for the week; I hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Challenge Results - "Melange"

i'm thrilled to present to you the results of MELANGE!!!!

artic blond creations

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meet and Greet Robin Norgren

May I Introduce to you


Robin Norgren is a military wife and mother. Her most recent hats include growing as a fiber artist and placing her toes in the home school water through integrating children’s literature with creativity. She is mom to 2 and step mom to 1 ages 21, 17 and 4. She has been married 7 years to a guy who loves serving in the military (Navy) and is determined to take his family on his adventures whenever possible. We currently reside in Ramstein, Germany.

Here is a word from Robin herself...

I create unique, handmade items from beautiful yarns and inspiring accessories. These pieces are pleasing to the eye and the heart and offer a glimpse of the hopeful spirit that dwells within me. I am inspired by the world around me and the blessings GOD has given me through my family, friends and a healthy heart, mind and body.

I maintain a large collection of yarns so that with the beginning of each project, I am surrounded by the prospect of what could be. The spontaneity and adventure that creating new items offers fills me with hope for the world at large as God works through me to be a better citizen in the world and to encourage others through the creations that I produce.

I hope that as you peruse this WELL of creations, you will find something that encourages and strengthens you in your life's journey.

Her etsy shop:

Her blog:  all things artistic

Blog#2:  her spiritual journey




Fan Page:

And without further adu.. Some of her work

We are so glad you are here as part of our team

Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet & Greet - Judy of Judy A Goddard, Fiber and Fine Art

I have the pleasure, today, of introducing you to our newest team member, Judy of Judy A Goddard, Fiber and Fine Art. Judy comes to us from Toms River, New Jersey, in the United States and brings with her beautiful Hand Painted Puzzle Canes and Personalized Canvas Growth Charts which she sells in her Etsy shop.

Entering Judy's shop, my first impression was how joyful her work seems. The canes are individually hand painted and are unique and beautiful works of art. Regarding the cane you see to the right, Judy said "I love the idea of a beautiful, functional item that feeds the soul as well as assisting the body."

The growth charts are whimsical and colorful ... perfect for any parent or grandparent to keep track of a child's growth. With plenty of room to write and record progress, these lovely items are true keepsakes.

There is more to Judy than her lovely pieces of art ... Judy is a Christian wife and mother of two grown children. She and her husband live on a farm with their horse, 4 goats, 6 chickens, a dog, a cat and a python. She's also a musician - she writes and performs traditional American, Irish and Scottish folk songs. She even has an album entitled "A Prayer and a Song" which contains 10 original songs.

In Judy's blog, she writes about a variety of subjects. I learned that she was 10 years old on the very first Earth Day, that she is a member of the Boy Scouts of America ... as a leader, that she tries to read the Bible every night, and that she and her husband have been married over 31 years. Wow! She is an interesting and talented person ... and a wonderful addition to our group.

Please help me in welcoming Judy to Inspiration Avenue! We're so happy you're here, Judy!

Judy's Etsy Shops: and

Judy's Blog:

Judy's Music Site:

She's on Twitter:

Weekly Challenge - "Melange"

after a day of hard labor in the yard i decided to treat myself. i made a cup of tea & stretched out with my newest edition of somerset studio. looking for inspiration for this week's challenge, i came upon the section called "melange".

the definition is.....

noun, assortment, conglomeration, gallimaufy , hodgepodge, jumble, medley, miscellany, mishmash, mixed bag, mixture, olio, pasticcio, pastiche, patchwork, potpourri, salmagundi, variety.

a little secret about me....i once was a spelling bee queen but i'll be honest.... i only know half those words. they sound pretty cool though, don't you think?

MELANGE!!!! take it & run!!!! leave me a comment that you're up to the challenge & i'll gather them all next sunday by noon. be inspired to create! have fun! show your talent!

have a wonderful week!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Challenge Results - "Architecture"

Just look at all this creative gorgeousness. We're having fun now, kids!

Check back tomorrow for next week's challenge.

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