Saturday, November 28, 2009

"FRENCH" - This Week's Challenge Submissions

I have been waiting for it to turn noon so I could make sure I got everyone's submissions for this week's challenge posted :) It's almost 1pm here so if you are a wee bit late with your submission, I will check back later on today to make sure your submission gets posted :)

With that being said, LOOK at all the wonderful works of art that this week's challenge inspired!

Next week's challenge will be *Peaches and Cream*, brought to us by our lovely Sharon of Mana Moon Studios. Thanks so much Sharon! Please stop back by tomorrow for more details on this new challenge. Also, don't forget that the winner of November's Giveaway will be announced on Tuesday, December 1.

Thank you so much to everyone that participated! I am just in awe of these wonderful works of art.

Meet and Greet - Stephanie Mealor Corder

We're delighted to introduce our newest member, Stephanie of Stephanie Mealor Corder. Stephanie is a remarkably talented artist who sells her original paintings through her Etsy shop.

When visiting Stephanie's shop you're immediately captured by the exquisite selection of original canvas floral paintings, many of which are from the Zinnia family, but upon closer inspection of this incredibly talented artist's work you find a plethora of artist creations through a wide variety of creative expressions. From her original ACEO cards and artistic tins to her note cards and altered books, there's something for every taste and budget.

Another must see while visiting Stephanie's shop is viewing her Profile which highlights some of the history behind this talented artist as well as an insight into the creative processes of Stephanie's original work, including the inspirational layering effect she shares.

Stephanie also keeps a blog titled Dragonfly Design Studios where you can find a wonderful selection of daily musings, inspiring features of other artists and a gorgeous selection of Stephanie's work. It's a wonderful way to keep up to date on store events and sales as well.

We're immensely honored to welcome this incredibly talented artist as the newest member of our team so please join us in saying ~ Welcome Stephanie!

Monday, November 23, 2009

This Weeks Challenge, "FRENCH"

This weeks challenge revolves around the word "FRENCH". Use your muse and create something wonderful that is inspired by the word FRENCH. I can't wait to see what everyone will come up with.
My favorite French fragrance always inspires me
Be inspired by the color of a wonderful French wine

Just be inspired.

Please see the sidebar for how to submit your creations for this challenge. Each submission you enter this month gives you a chance to win a Christmas Blog Banner donated this month by yours truly. The drawing will be held on December 1!

Have fun with this challenge!

Meet & Greet - Appealing To You

We're delighted to present our newest team member, Cyndi of Appealing To You. Cyndi, or more dearly known to all of bloggie land as 'Small Footprints' is what I would call an Eco-Artist. And her specialty? Creating earrings out of recycled materials or anything that is kind to mother earth.

When you first visit Cyndi's shop, you would see an array of beautiful paintings, and sitting contently in between those artistic creations you would notice several gorgeous and whimsical looking earrings peeking out at you.

Ahhh ... upon further investigation, we then realize that this is what Cyndi calls "her family shop". Together with her loving half, they share a beautiful shop filled with original paintings by her hubby and of course beautiful earrings by Cyndi herself. And the most inspiring thing of all? Most of the items in her shop are made out of recycled materials!

Cyndi's blog, if you haven't visited already, is called Reduce Footprints. As the name perfectly suggests, her blog is filled with everything to do with eco-friendly tips in everyday life, recycling, going green, health and well-being ... well basically anything about being kind to the earth (and ourselves) is there. It is a one-of-a-kind eco encyclopedia!

We're so happy to have Cyndi with us on Inspiration Avenue! Welcome Cyndi !!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekly Challenge Romance

We have so many lovely entries this week for the theme of "Romance". Could this mean romance is rampant in the blogosphere? I hope so!

Take a look . . .

We have one more challenge in November, so if you haven't submitted an entry yet, be sure to do so this week to be eligible to win November's giveaway, a Christmas blog banner by the lovely and talented LuLu! Just in time to make your blog festive for the holidays!

Stop by tomorrow (Monday the 23rd) to get the theme for this week's challenge. Submit your entry by 12 noon EST the following Sunday. Just post your entry on your blog, leave a comment on this post linking us back to your blog, and we will do the rest!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet and Greet - Shel of Cool Steel & Warm Images

It's our delight and honor to introduce our newest team member Shelly of Cool Steel and Warm Images.

For our members who've participated in our weekly challenges Shel already felt like a member and certainly a natural fit. Since nearly the beginning of our weekly challenges Shel has been such an inspiration to us all with her weekly submissions and beautiful representations of our themes. Her photographic talent usually encompassed many gorgeous selections each week and her encouraging motivational comments for our weekly participates embodies the essence of what our team is all about - caring, sharing and inspiring.

Shel is new to Etsy with her shop Cool Steel and Warm Images, jointly owned by Shel and her husband Morgan. Their growing shop inventory is a team effort for Shel and her husband and we're excited to see where this talented photographer and artist's journey will take her.

Shel also keeps two blogs, one is for her new Etsy shop by the same title and the other is Pics by Shel where you can find weekly challenge submissions as well as daily musings by this wonderfully talented artist.

So please join us in officially welcoming this newest member to our team, it's a pleasure to finally have you join us on Inspiration Avenue ~ Welcome Shel!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Meet and Greet - Charlotte's Collection

We're delighted and honored to present our newest team member, Charlotte of Charlotte's Collection. Charlotte is an incredibly talented artist who ventures into canvas and color as well as creating beautiful pieces using vintage china.

When visiting Charlotte's Etsy shop you'll find a gorgeous selection of original artistic creations from her handmade earrings and pendants - all painstakingly created from beautiful bits of vintage China - to her gorgeous selection of original ACEO cards, whimsical canvas collage paintings, fabulous digital collage sheets and even gorgeous note cards featuring her original work. There's simply something for everyone at Charlotte's Collection.

Charlotte also keeps a blog titled Art Happens where you can find showcases of her many newest creations as well as her sharing the personal happenings and musings of this lovely and talented artist.

We're overjoyed to have Charlotte join us on Inspiration Avenue so join me in giving her a resounding ~Welcome~
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