Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekly Challenge - "Sky"

This week's challenge is inspired by the word "Sky". To me this represents a wide range of colors from the cool blues of a midnight sky at night or light misty blues of a cloud spotted afternoon, from the warm glowing hues of a sunset to the dark gray of a stormy day... And don't forget all those elements that brighten a beautiful sky from stars and a full moon to a colorful balloon or a passing flock of birds. This theme is wide open to so many possibilities!

Our challenge is open to anyone with a blog and open to all artistic mediums; painting, mixed media, jewelry, etc. Simply create something new - even venture outside your comfort zone if you wish - whatever strikes your fancy and fits within this week's theme.

Submissions are due by Sunday 12:00noon EST. Simply post a photo and description of your creations on your blog and come back on this post with a link back to your post. We'll put all the fabulous creations together and show off the final entries this Sunday around 5pm.

Oh and don't forget, it's the last week to enter for a chance to win this month's Weekly Challenge Giveaway. This beautiful handmade bracelet created by our lovely leader Tammy is the prize so be sure to enter!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

inspiration avenue challenge submissions - ECO

hey hey!! it's time to unveil the submissions for the weekly challenge again! as we all know the word is ECO. oh yea! and here they are :)

from a husband and wife team :
- CREEPING JENNY by reduced footprints (the lady)

- ART IN WINE by one a day (the gent)

- PARIS WITCH by michele lynch art

- PASSAGE by mana moon studios

- ECOBAG by pimp & paint

we hope you've enjoyed that!

SO.... on to next week's challenge then :) and the word is SKY. what comes to mind you ask? well ... blue, vast, beauty, infinity, clouds, freedom, nature ... that's what i think of when i think of the word SKY. what about you? looking forward to see you in next week's SKY challenge :))

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet and Greet - Magpie Mine

We're delighted to introduce our newest team member, Maggie of Magpie Mine.

Maggie is a talented a very talent graphic designer who creates a plethora of lovely digital images she sells through her Etsy shop. Her assortment of original collage sheets are perfect for mixed media, collage arts and assemblage artists. As Maggie puts it best, her digital collage sheets are a great "starting point for your own creativity, allowing you to create by skipping some of the "background" work."

Many of her designs are perfectly sized for pendants too like scrabble, domino and glass sizes. They come in a wide array of colors and patterns from whimsical to contemporary there's something for every artist's taste and style.

Maggie is also the author behind The Magpie's Nest, a delightful blog where she shares her experiences, creativity, tutorials and so much more. It's a wonderful read and you can even find fabulous giveaways from time to time!

We so pleased to have Maggie as our newest inspiring artists and teammate so please join me in welcoming our newest member, Maggie of Magpie Mine!

Monday, September 21, 2009

weekly challenge - ECO

we had a fabulous "vintage" challenge last week! congratulations to all the submissions ... truly inspiring you guys are :)

so ... on to this week's challenge ... ECO! yes ... inspiration avenue is going green this week :) according to the definition on google, eco is short for environment, ecology. when i think of eco, i think recycle, reuse and reduce. it has become more and more important to help save resources and recycle. our planet has nurtured generations upon generations of human beings ... it is time that we return this favour. but having said that, being eco friendly doesn't have to be all official and drab. it can be fun!! and that's what we're here for :) have some fun, create some art and at the same time lend a little hand to mother earth!

here are some examples of eco art to help you kick start your thinking process :)

what say you? up for the challenge? or does the word ECO have a different meaning for you? tell us your thoughts in your creations! it will be soooo cool to see creativity the ECO way. afterall, it DOES take a lot of creativity to be eco friendly, to recycle and reduce :)

this challenge is open to anyone with a blog. the cutoff time for submission is 5pm EST on sunday. all you have to do is create, write a post, leave a comment here in this post and provide us with a link to your eco creation :) and we will do the rest. a post will be written and posted on this blog after the dateline and we'll add your photo and a link back to your blog. it's also a fun way to meet new artists and be inspired by each other's creations :)

your eco creation can come in the form of anything! it can be a piece of jewelry, an image you captured, a mixed-media piece, a painting, paper art, whatever you think of.

so happy creating!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Word/Color Challenge "VINTAGE"

This weeks "Vintage" challenge submissions: Vintage inspired bracelet by Coral Seas Photo by Laura Evans Photography

A vintage image by Pics by Shel

"Vintage Drama" by Wright Stuff

"Sweet Innocence" by Piney Rose

"Life is a Stage" by Pimp and Paint

"Creative Journey" by Mana Moon Studios

"Vintage Key" Mixed-media Painting by Artangel

Gorgeous Danglies by LuLu Kellogg

"The Sweet Life" by Tammy Sprinkle

Next week's challenge is also a word. That word is "Eco". Think going green, reuses, recyle, repurpose. Happy Creating and thanks to everyone who participated in this weeks challenge. The variety is awesome!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekly Challenge "Vintage"

So if you read the last post you already know that this weeks Challenge is "Vintage". You can use the word or create something, anything with a vintage feel to it. Think rusted, worn, tattered, aged, muted, etc. Whatever you think gives the sense or feel of Vintage.
This challenge is open to anyone with a blog. The post will be written and posted on this blog on Sunday at 5pm EST. You can leave a comment here with a lnk to your blog post about your submission piece and we'll add your photo and a link back to your blog. It's fun to meet new artists and to see how diverse the artwork is.
It can be a piece of jewelry, an image you captured, a mixed-media piece, a painting, paper art, whatever you think of.
Have fun creating! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekly Challenge Results - "Orange"

This weeks Submissions for our Weekly Challenge were to have to do with the color "Orange".
Gracie-Lou by LuLu KelloggOrange by Laura Evans Orange Composition 2 by Tali Schiffer Autumn Morning Mixed Media painting by Artangel Orange Boxes by Wright Stuff Pumpkin Faces by Wright Stuff

If the Hat Fits by Tammy SprinkleSeason Joy by Mana Moon Studios

Remember, there is a giveaway going on here.

The next Color/Word Challenge for next week will be "Vintage". The challenge is to create something, anything, that has to do with this weeks theme, "Vintage". It can be a photograph, a mixed-media piece, an ATC, a painting, ephemera, a piece of jewelry, a poem, etc. Whatever you desire. Anything that makes you think of a bygone era. Think, tattered, sepia, aged, muted, rust, etc. Please leave a comment and a link here to your submission by next Sunday am EST, and we will be by to collect it and post it here with a link to your blog or shop, whichever you choose.
Thanks again for playing with us. We will be having a new Challenge every week and a Giveaway every month, so come back and spread the word, if you'd like. The more the merrier!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Congrats to Luthien!

Congratulations to our dear Luthien for having a sale from our Team Shop! Way to go Luthien :)

I wanted to let you all know that if you do not know about Etsy's new feature, Rearrange Your Shop, please take the time to go and check out this wonderful new feature. I love it.

I hope you all will have a wonderful and creative weekend.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekly Challenge "ORANGE"

This week's challenge theme is brought to us by our teammate, LuLu, who has chosen the color "ORANGE", perfect for this time of year!

The challenge is for you is to create something, anything, that has to do with the color orange, whether it's colors from changing leaves, a warm glowing fire or pumpkins at the local market, anything that inspires you to create within this color realm. Some examples might be a necklace, photo, mixed-media piece, or painting.

This is meant to be fun and a way to get our creative juices flowing. This challenge is open to anyone with a blog. You will need to have the project completed and a photo posted on your blog no later than Sunday, September 13th.

But wait there's more!.... a giveaway you say?

Yes, be sure to take a peek at all the beautiful submissions from last week's challenge and enter for a chance to win this beautiful bracelet created by Tammy of Design4u. Just follow this link for a chance to win!

Feel free to grab the badge on the sidebar and link back here for all to see and share in the fun. A new challenge theme, either a color, word or both will be posted every Monday.

So off you go... create something fabulous and then come back here and leave a comment with a link to your blog post so we can all see what you made!

Now... 'orange' you glad you stopped by? ;-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekly Challenge - "Summer"

We have begun our new weekly challenge just this week. We hope that it will grow as new artisan's discover our blog and participate. Each week we will have a new theme which will be announced by one of our team members, here. There is a pretty button on our sidebar that we are more than happy for you to post on your own blog.
If you choose to participate, and we hope you will, all you have to do is come back here and leave a comment with a link to your blog post so that we can add your art to our post for all to see with a link back to your blog. Any and all mediums are welcome.
So this week's theme was "SUMMER". And here are a few things our team came up with:
"Caribbean Blue" Bracelet by Tammy Sprinkle of Design4u

"Sunflower" Pendant by Luthien of Pimp and Paint

"Fishes" Earrings by LuLu Kellogg of Coastal Sisters

"A Mackarel" postcard by Wright Stuff
The Caribbean Blue bracelet is this month's Giveaway. All you have to do is become a follower for 1 chance and blog about our Weekly Challenge with a link back to this blog for a 2nd chance. If you want you can grab our Weekly Challenge button for your sidebar for a 3rd chance. Just leave a comment with a link so we can have a peek. Thanks so much and good luck!! The winner will be chosen by the Random Number Generator and announced the last day of September.
**Next week's Challenge will be a color challenge and the color is ORANGE. How perfect since Halloween is just around the corner.
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